Friday, July 23, 2010

Goodbyes and chickens...

We had to say goodbye to Bettina today :( She's off to San Fran and then Colorado to do some hiking and rock climbing. I will really miss her company and her sense of humor. She definitely kept me laughing. I guess that's the life of a wwoofer - leaving and going. It's bittersweet, because I won't have my buddy around anymore but I will get to take on a lot more responsibility on the farm. So...Bettina left with Luke, and now the farm is pretty quiet.

Today was a pretty normal day for chores. After the morning milking session, we made butter from the cream from the fresh milk. Then I helped Katie (part-time wwoofer) make a new chicken cage. Two chicks hatched in the incubator and now we need to find a momma for them. No go, though. The one momma did not accept the baby so it's back to the incubator. Give it a couple of days and he/she might be ready to go with the other babies.

We're going to the movies later today. I've got an organizing job. So I'm off.

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