Saturday, July 31, 2010

Literally on the road again...

So I figured I'd continue blogging for the rest of my journey (3 days) to pass the time away at the KOA. The past two days were kind of a let down. I visited San Francisco yesterday and then traveled the Pacific Coast Highway today. Don't get me wrong... there were some cool parts to both of those treks. But it didn't really feel like part of the vacation; it felt like a leg of the journey - a long leg at that.

San Francisco would have been better with someone who knows the city and more time. The Pacific Coast Highway would have been better as a passenger. And the whole time, in both places, I couldn't help thinking about getting home and implementing my organic/ recycling/ gardening and what they were might be doing at the farm. All in all, it's been extremely rewarding being able to see so many different parts of the country in such a short amount of time. The Pacific Ocean is a sight to behold, and those rolling mountains in the middle of southwestern California are truly captivating.

Finding these KOAs at night is a different story. It's like a guessing game. Will my GPS recognize the address? If it doesn't, will there be posted signs that I will drive by? When I do find the sign, will I know how to access the park? I'm not lying - it took me 20 minutes and an accidental turn down a dirt road to find the way to the Barstow KOA tonight. Staying at these KOAs has also made me determined to become multi-lingual. I am definitely in the minority with the English. It makes for an interesting people-watching scene but a definite language barrier.

So here I lay in the car (too late to set up the tent), with my boot-legged internet (a fellow camper gave me the secret code), about to attempt 7 hours of sleep before the next 13 hour leg of the journey to New Mexico. I'm hoping to squeeze in the Hoover Dam, but we will have to see.

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