Monday, July 19, 2010

So some funny things happened on the way to the farm...

I had to share the three funny things that happened tonight before I retreat to my room.

1 - Betti and I were attempting to make soup out of the botched chicken from yesterday when the phone rang. We've been answering the phone since I'm pretty sure we caused the answering machine to stop working. So, it was another one of the Freys wondering if Em and Luke wanted to go to a barbeque. Obviously they were not here, so they invited us instead. As we were walking to the vineyard (where the bbq was), Bettina asked if they have just meat at a barbeque. I explained what a barbeque was (grilled meat + sides) and we proceeded to the vineyard. To my surprise, we came upon a large outdoor pizza oven, an old flour mill used as a table to roll out the dough, an outdoor crank grill thing, a couple of wine testing tables set up, and many fancier picnic tables. Ha ha ha this is a barbeque alright. To top it all off, we drank biodynamic wine, feasted on pizza with fish, tofu sausages, and pesto, and ate potato and seaweed salad. Favorite part of all of it - surprisingly the potato and seaweed salad. When we were walking back, Bettina laughed at the notion that "that" was a barbeque.

2 - While at the "barbeque," there were some distributors from Tree of Life looking to do some work with Frey vineyards. The one woman, Ellie, was really interested in the wwoofing process, and when we told her that we had to get back to the farm to milk the goats before dark, she almost jumped out of her seat with excitement. She wanted to come watch us. So she traipsed back to the farm with us and proceeded to watch mainly the milking. She asked a bunch of questions, but she was more the snooty type that saw it as a novelty and not as daily life. I guess most people would. However, she and I related to one another. I usually do the mundane easy chores while Betti milks. Bettina says she's not a goat milking expert, but she also says she's done it before. C'mon now. A week before this experience, I was watching Family Guy and eating potato chips. A week before her experience, she was rock-climbing and living with alpine cows. I'm pretty sure one of us is closer to being a goat-milking expert, and it's not me. Ellie also took random pictures where she told Betti to smile randomly - randomness was extremely rampant during this freak show. Pretty funny.

3 - When we were finished, Ellie left and we bunkered down only for some craziness to ensue. My dad had called 19 times thinking that I had died, because I forgot to call and forgot the time difference. So I was talking him through his nervous breakdown. The owners of the farm - Emily and Luke - called, and Betti was confirming our coastal adventure tomorrow (meaning we do no work). Molly, Osiris, and later Daniel came tearing in to the house after two days away at the coast. Ocyrus proceeded to eat all of our pizza we had taken back to the house and attempted to drink the rest of my can of organic root beer (interesting but off-putting after taste). Once things settled down (a.k.a they left), Bettina went to bed and I was going to put all of my pics on facebook and mess around on the computer until I was exhausted (I had taken a nap for almost three hours earlier in the day). Well... we leave all of the windows and doors open (screens are closed) at night for a sort of natural air conditioning. But sometimes Loki pushes open the screen to go outside. I didn't notice that the front screen door was open, but it must have been. Typity type type was interrupted by a crazy fluttering sound in the kitchen. I turn around to see a hummingbird sized moth/bird going insane. I wasn't sure how to get it outside so I just sort of watched for a minute. I tried turning all of the lights off except for the outside one and opening the screen door, but no - that just allowed more crazy looking insects and moth-like creatures inside. So I just continued working on the computer. Suddenly, I couldn't see it, but I could hear it fluttering around. I searched around and finally found it in a wooden vase thing. I dumped it outside. I'm still pretty sure it was a miniature hummingbird. Now I finish this and there are like seven beatles/moths/hawks flying around the house. I'm wearing a plastic bag over my head tonight.

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