Monday, July 19, 2010

Nighttime antics...

So last night, I was going to go to bed early. No. Decided to wander the internet, check facebook, read emails, etc. - things that I haven't done in a while. Noticed that a friend was on facebook who had left me a voicemail. Decided to facebook chat. Then decided to Skype. Then decided on Skype that I should show her the baby chick that was set up in the house. Then tried to put the baby chick back into the make-shift incubator only to accidentally drop the heat lamp, breaking the light bulb. Then baby chick decided to not stop cheeping. So... short story long, loud Skyping along with incessant peeps probably left Bettina a pretty angry sleeper. She didn't say anything this morning, but I had to sheepishly (on the farm... get it?) tell (half) the story about how the light bulb broke. Ha ha ha good times. On top of all of that, I woke up late and came stumbling awkwardly out of my room. lol

This morning, we had a wwoofer come from town - Katie. She goes to college in Washington state but lives around here. She wwoofs on a few mornings a week. Man, she really is persistent on working - opposite philosophy for me and Betti. So... we fed/watered all of the animals, milked the cow, milked the goats, and collected some mulch for the garlic and basil. After all of that it was 11am. We were supposed to weed three large beds of asparagus sometime when the Freys were gone. Surprisingly we had not. And even though it was 11am (getting pretty hot), Katie insisted that we do it. Okay, so she didn't insist, but she was raring to go. Anyways, farm work wears you out. It is only 11:40 Cali time, and it feels like midnight. I'm planning on gathering some energy and cleaning off of the porch before the Freys get home. It sounds like we are really messy, but really it's shit that one or the other of the family members didn't clean up. Not hard work... just time consuming. That's the thing. It's not like the work is crazy difficult. It just takes a while and it requires a lot of patience.

So... the evening plans... not breaking a lamp. Finishing my break. Cleaning the kitchen/living room. Hanging up the laundry. Taking down the other laundry. Cleaning off the porch (we braided garlic and harvested onions on Saturday - it still has some remaining scraps and dirt). Eating lunch. Finishing the weeding. Animal evening chores - feeding and watering all and milking the goats. Yea goats! Not. Closing up the hens in the henhouse at dark. Then dinner of make-shift chicken soup (long story), wine, and sleeping.

Emily and Luke are supposed to get back sometime tonight. So are Daniel, Molly, and Ocyrus. I will have to wait until Wednesday, though, to get the full effect of the farm and all of its teachers, because Betti and I are going to the coast tomorrow. I'm psyched!! Time is going by so fast, though. I'm not sure I'll be ready to go back in 11 days. We'll see.

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