Friday, July 16, 2010

It's finally farm day!

I'm not in Utah anymore! Yeah! So the story goes... the car was fixed by about three o'clock yesterday afternoon (California time). Decided to drive to Sacramento and stay at the local KOA and then do the rest of the trek (3 hours) this morning. Okay, one - not smart to drive at night when in an unfamiliar location. I got to Reno when it was getting dark. Reno is right outside of California. As I entered Cali, the road was a two-lane mountain road with changing speed limits extremely similar to a West Virginia trip I vaguely remember. There is no two.

So left this morning around 8. When I got closer to the farm, I was following Emily's directions (Emily is 1/2 of the couple I'm staying with). She said to follow the E & L (Emily & Luke) signs to the house. I thought I did. Ha ha ha! I sat on some stranger's porch for about 45 minutes thinking it was their house and they were on the farm. Nope. The stranger came home and directed me towards the other dirt road where there house was. Off to a great start.

I got to the farm and explained the earlier mix-up thinking they would laugh. Nope. Continuing the great start. I'm staying with Emily and Luke. They have three kids - two of which live on the farm, Sam and Daniel. Daniel lives in a cabin next to the house with his wife, Molly, and son Ocyrus. Not really sure how that's spelled. There's also another WWOOFER here (wwoofing is what I'm doing). Her name is Batina and she's from Switzerland. She seems cool, but as we sit here she is double-dipping while eating the peanut butter out of the jar. Remind me not to eat peanut butter among other things.

Settled into a nice small bedroom and then ate a lunch of spaghetti and salad only to discover that they do not eat processed foods. None. No pasteurized milk. No processed anything. Well, plus side, I'm going to be really skinny after all of this. I've already hidden oatmeal, goldfish crackers, and Reese's peanut butter cups in the car for a number of short breaks that I'm going to be taking throughout the day.

After lunch, I was trying to be helpful by putting the dishes in the sink. I was called over to the dishwasher by Daniel (who I later discovered was the crazy one) who asked if I was okay with cleaning other people's dishes. Then he thoroughly explained the method of placing dishes in the dishwasher. Ha ha ha. Me and Daniel are already tight.

Then after sitting around for a while, Daniel decided to give me "lessons" on some mellow things they do when it's hot out. He proceeded to tell me when the right time to water plants is - I can't remember if it's morning or evening but it's when the Earth is breathing in. Ha ha ha. He also told me to visualize oregano in order to find it in other locations. As crazy as it sounds, it was helpful.

So... as crazy as all of this sounds to you AND me, I did already get to some pretty interesting things - tour the very tiny farm, braid garlic, clean onions, and "harvest" oregano. I was really worried that this would be too crazy, but I realized that that really is the point, right?

I get to eat beets, bread, and goat cheese for dinner. Until tomorrow... hopefully?

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  1. Hey...I remember a similar trip in West Virginia! LOL (Aunt Mary)