Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walden's Pond (so to speak)

So I was re-reading the blog and faking doing something important during my mid-morning break, and I realized that the blog is taking kind of an existential and maybe too serious turn. So, I will try and intersperse funny stories throughout. Morale of the story - lighten it up.

Let me tell you about the last six hours of my day. I helped to prepare sauerkraut. Ha ha ha I came to the farm of a workhorse named Luke. He never takes a break. He has the energy of a young child without the nap breaks. I chopped up cabbage along with multiple vegetables that I did not know the name of. I harvested beets and something green. I cut my hand. I got soaking wet from the hose that we "sterilized" everything with. I had to go chase a goat twice (unsuccessfully). I am currently listening to some song circle thing where all they do (so far anyway) is weird vocal warm-ups and rationalize with three-year olds.

Now, I am going to go die in my room and watch the remaining half of Airplane! (while dying).

p.s. Still a satisfying day. Just not realizing it right now. Oxymoron?

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