Sunday, July 25, 2010

Lessons learned...

#1 - Don't cut up jalapenos after picking blackberries. Scratches on hands + jalapeno juices = burning for hours.
#2 - Don't try milking a cow by yourself if you've never milked a cow by yourself before. Ha ha ha. I conjured up one small mason jar's worth.
#3 - Don't give up. And don't forget to ask questions, because one does not need to know everything.
#4 - Don't include a bunch of "don'ts" in your lessons learned. It seems really negative.
#5 - People value different things. Don't judge. Acknowledge and accept that person for who they are to you.
#6 - Key to insomnia - a lot of work, the peaceful sounds of the forest, complete darkness, and a down comforter. No lie.
#7 - Take it easy and enjoy. Life is not meant to be enjoyed from work; it can more easily be enjoyed with pleasure, passion, and people that you love.
#8 - I need to read more. It's interesting.

That's it.

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